Are you addicted to chasing after shining objects?

How to fight the shiny object syndrome

This is like chasing after rabbits down the rabbit hole until you get distracted from your current pursuit.

Among internet marketers, one of the addictions is learning without implementing.

They buy one course after another. Before they finish the current course, they will buy another one.

They are addicted to learning.

I know because I am one of them. I have spent more than a thousand dollars on buying courses.

I have bought courses on copywriting, book publishing and Linkedin marketing. I have signed up for numerous free 30-day challenges.

I have seem friends who attended many internet marketing and wealth seminars. They know a lot. But they are not making money.

While others have crossed the finishing line and creating successful businesses, they are still stuck in the same spot. They are not progressing forward.

I have seem some youngsters who are still schooling. In less than 3 years, they are making 5-figure monthly income.

These students are making more money than their teachers.

It is not about how much you know. Frankly, most of us know enough already. You don't need more learning

What you need is implementation. Have you implemented what you had learned?

Start implementing and start failing forward.

As I share my tip with you every morning, implement it.

Whatever you learn today, implement it.

Don't take any more courses until you have finish and implement the previous course. You have learn enough.

Set yourself a monthly goal and post it somewhere to remind yourself.

I post mine at

Then track your progress.

There is a lot of distraction every day that demands your attention. Incorporate your good work into a daily routine.

If you are stuck, feel free to message me at I will be glad to help you.