For business coaches: What to Share during a Strategy Call

5 strategies to grow your business

The free strategy call is where you close the sale.

Before that you got to give something to prove that you are able to help the prospect.

How can you help to grow their business?

I have a checklist of 5 strategies that you can suggest to your prospects.

This checklist is not only useful for biz coaches but also for entrepreneurs.

You can use the checklist for brainstorming in a hot seat and in a mastermind session .

If you are a business coach, you must follow Jay Abraham closely and learn from him. He is the mentor to mentors.

He is probably the highest paid business consultant in the world.

There are 5 ways to grow a business. I think the 5 ways were originated or popularised by Jay Abraham.

Recently Manny Talavera shared about it.

Way #1: Get new leads.

This is the most typical way. There are many ways to get new leads. Explore new territories. Use paid ads to reach out to the cold market.

Try different social media platforms. Reach out to prospects in other age groups. Venture to different online communities.

Grow your email list. Increase your subscriber list. Grow your Facebook group membership.

Improve on the first impression and branding. Improve on SEO. Revamp the website.

Way #2: Increase conversion.

Use persuasion to increase the sales conversion. Improve on your copywriting and closing. What does it take for prospects to buy?

What's hindering them? How can you improve on handling objections. Do you have an FAQ page? Is your message clear?

Way #3: Increase transaction.


By selling more at the point of sale. Do a one-time-offer. Do an upsell or upsize. Buy 2 and get 1 free. Do you like to add a drink to go with your meal?

If you sell a pant, suggest a belt to go with it.

By increasing the price. Try to increase the price by 15% and see how it goes.

By bundling a few items together, you can sell at a higher price.

Way #4: Increase frequency of purchase.

Sell to your prospects more often. Promote more often. Encourage customers to buy more often by offering them more products.

Give them more choices and variety. If you run out of your own products to sell, product other people's products as an affiliate.

Way #5: Increase lifetime value.

That means sell to them for a longer period of time. Get them to commit for a longer duration eg a contract of service for one year, a monthly subscription.

Suggest a specific way to increase your prospect's business by applying by of the 5 ways. When they walk out of the strategy call, they can apply it immediately and see result quickly.

The small win will give them the confidence to come back to you for more winning strategies.