For Coaches: How to Close a Sale on a High-end Coaching Package.

The way you sell a high-ticket program is different from the way you sell a low-ticket program.


Normally you do not show the sales page or the price publicly.

It is hard to convert on a cold reader who do not know you.

It is better to warm them up first by giving them something of value.

For a cold market, your sales page has to be very persuasive and covers all possible objections.

When you don't have the budget to pay a good copywriter, the easier way is to talk to them directly .

When you reveal the price publicly, people may think that it is too expensive unless they see the value.

Show them the value first before you reveal the price.

If you observe top sellers, they do not reveal their price publicly. You have to attend their free webinar to

understand why it is worth the investment and how they will get a positive ROI. They reveal it at the end of their presentation.

The offer comes with an incentive, urgency and scarcity.


At the end of your presentation, do not direct them to your sales page.

Invite them to a free strategy call.

Use calendly for people to book your schedule.

You close at the strategy call.

During the strategy call, expect to handle objections such as "It is too expensive", "Let me ask my spouse first", "Let me think it over"


After your presentation, during the strategy call, ask them this question:

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how interested are you to move forward?"

The second question is, "What will it take for you to reach 10/10?"