How to Presell with Testimonials

How to Collect and display your testimonials

How do you sell to your prospects even before you interact with them?

It's through presell. Before your prospects interact with you, they will probably check you out.

They might google your name or check your social media profile.

They will check out what others said about you (testimonials)

They want know if you are good in what you do, if you are a person of good reputable.

Therefore, having testimonials is very important to establish your credibility.

Your testimonials gave your prospects the confidence to buy from you.

You can see that salespeople always include testimonials in their sales pitch.


First, be a giver. Because the more you give, the more you get. You get by what you give. Give first before you expect you get. People will naturally reciprocate. This is the law of karma or the Universe.

See the good in people. Tell people how awesome they are. How do you validate people?

Watch this life-changing video:

It has over 10 million views. I have watched this video many times.

Second, ask your customers after you deliver a good service and they are satisfied.

Ask them if they are happy with your service. Ask them if they are happy to give you a testimonial.


I use a paid program called Snagit to screen shot the testimonials. I find it simple to use.


Testimonials are meant to be displayed, not to be kept in the drawer.

Start collecting them now.

There are 3 sites where you can display.

#1: Website

Create a page on your website. Whenever you have new testimonials, add them to the page.

I add them to my page in alphabetical order at

#2: Facebook Photo Album.

In your Facebook profile, there is a 'photo' menu. Select 'Albums' and create a photo album just for the testimonials only.

I kept mine at

I simply ask them what they think about me. That's how I got the testimonials.

#3: FB Biz Page Review.

Where can your customers post a review themselves?

Ask them to go to your FB Biz page. Point them to the 'Reviews' section.

Mine is at

When you deliver a course, ebook or service online, point them to the link so that they can enter the review themselves.

Start building your collection of testimonials now. It will serve you well in your business.