How to Start an Online Business

The Starter Kit for one first online entrepreneurs

If you are new to internet marketing, you will need this...

How to Set up an Online Business.

The Covid-19 may have drowned many offline businesses. The hopeful news is that anyone of us can start an online business from home with little overheads.

If you have not start an online business before, I am going to give a 5 minute crash course on what you need to set up and to get started.


You got to have products to sell. The fastest way to get started is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate. You earn commissions on each sale.


Create your own website. Register a domain name with Namecheap because it is cheaper than Godaddy. I use a A2 Hosting reseller so that I can create multiple websites. I installed Wordpress on my website.

In the website, create pages where you list your products and service, a blog page and a contact page.

Create an email account. I prefer to create the email through the cpanel and forward it to my primary Gmail account.

Email List

Create an email list so that readers can be updated on your new promotion or get regular tips from you. Create an email opt-in form on your website. I like Substack for sending out free newsletters to your email subscribers.


Create a paypal account to receive payment online. If you are based in Singapore, create a Paynow account. Most consumers in Singapore prefer to use Paynow. There is no transaction fee.

Company Registration

If you are dealing with corporate clients, they prefer to deal with a company rather than an individual vendor. Register your company with ACRA. Register an address and co-working space with Lionsworld at Peninsula. They have the best deal in town and their co-working space gives the best view of Marina Bay. I love their free lunch, the views and central location.

Social Media Account
Create an account on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Once you have set up all the above, you are ready to start business. Get into the habit of marketing every day. I know it is impossible to cover the A-Z of setting up an online business. I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation if you have any questions. Reach me at Facebook Messenger.