How to Work less and Earn More

There are smarter ways to make money.

Some people work very hard and earn very little. Some work very little and earn very much.

There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is because of what you sell. You can sell a digital product, a physical product or a service. You can sell all 3 if you want to.

In business, you have the choice to choose some wealth vehicles. If you pick the right vehicle, your burden is light. It is like selling water by carrying buckets from the well to the village, or by laying a pipe from the stream to the village.

If you choose to sell physical products, it is good for the product to be new and innovative. I heard horror stories where the supplier compromise on the quality. Products are price sensitive. The barrier to entry is low. Usually the profit margin is low and competition is high.

If you sell service, you are limited by your time. You are exchanging time for money. So it is hard to scale.

I will recommend you to create sell your own course. It is low cost, high profit, scalable and within your control. Create once and sell forever. It is unique with your own spin on it. You can earn more and work less by selling your own e-courses.

Put your course content in the 'Guides' section of a Facebook group. Sell it as a home study course where students can sign up anytime and learn at their own pace.

So do consider creating your own course. Sell it for $50 to $100.

Having your own ecourse will provide you a way to make an income without breaking your back.

It is not difficult to create your own course. If you have problems, feel free to message me. I will be glad to give you some free advice. Keep in touch!