The Dark Side of the Internet Marketing Industry Exposed

How internet marketing scammers work.

In the 'Make Money Online' industry, there are scammers who prey on the desperation of poor people who are trying to find a way out.

I know of a few friends who spent thousands of dollars on such overly expensive internet marketing courses.

A single mom spent more than $10K. A young man fresh from national service spent a 5-figure.

A couple borrowed from the bank. None of them earned back their tuition fees.

If you are a seller, ask yourself if you are selling people a dream or a valuable skill?

Did your 'mentor' teach you that you have to sell a high-ticket item to prove your true worth?

Are you making money at the expenses of others or at the service of others?

A top internet marketer who is one of the godfathers of internet marketing realised that the industry has become so unethical that he left the industry. He exposed the dark side.

As a result, he lost his friends and millions of dollars worth of business.

In an interview he shared about how the scam works.

If you care about ethical marketing or to protect yourself from internet marketing scams, you must watch this interview.

His name is Michel Fortin. Here is the link to the interview:

Here are some of the takeaways:

1. He wrote about the death of sale pages. It is better to replaced it with a sales funnel

where people are being educated through the process until they finally buy.

2. He feel it is unethical to sell the million dollar dream to those who are sick and broke without imparting real skills. Selling dreams sell the best, unfortunately.

3.Unethical 'gurus' want to make you buy more.

4. He feel people need to be informed of scams.

5. A course is good when you learn a real skill to create a business with.

6. Some seminars are a pitch fest where every speakers try to sell you something.

If you don't raise your hand or sign up, you feel left out. Some max up their credit cards.

7. The guru pitch is, "You need a mentor to walk you from a to z, for how to be successful otherwise you will never be successful."

Their story is, "I was a loser. I found gurux X. I found out the one trick...I will be the person for you"

8. 99.% of the things you need to know can be found on Google and Youtube.

9. When you fail, the guru will never say it is their fault. They will say it is your fault.

Maybe you did not try harder. "Maybe you should buy my other product."

They are not true mentors. They are salespeople trying to sell you more products.

10. They use case studies and testimonials from users of other products to promote a new product.

11. How many students make enough money to justify the expenses? How many people who join $10K a month mastermind groups have become successful?

12. It is ok to tell a true story to put something in the best possible light.

But when you make up a fake story with a fake name with a fake background, it is such a lie.

13. A great product don't need copy. A good product should be able to sell itself

Give people a demo or a trial. Tell people how it works. You don't need to use NLP or psychological ninja tactics to get people to buy.

You don't have to deceive people to buy.

14. In health and wealth niche, there are a group of addicts who buy shining objects

You see the same people in the seminars. They are addicted to diving into new scams without realizing how the previous scams have got them trapped.

The scammers are asking them to buy more courses to fix their problems.

15. Broke people are the most vulnerable people in society during the economic crisis. Scammers prey on these people. These poor people do not have the means to sue the scammers.

16. Scammers are obsessed about making the sales. Attendees could not get refund easily. After-sale customer service is bad.

17. In some cases, a $3K course teach you stuff that you can get from a $30 book. They are over-priced.

The only difference is the packaging or the presence of the trainer.

18. There are copywriters who will say anything to get the sales.

19. Litmus test: would you sell your product and service to your mother? Do you have a true success story from users of your service/product?

20. There are cases where you sign up for a free trial or a free book and you enter your credit card for shipping, and they charge you a subscription fee without your knowledge.

They do not tell you about the expiry of the free trial and so the subscription automatically kicks in.

21. Don't make money at the expenses of others. Make money at the service of others.

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