The Second Act

Miracles can happen.

Second Act

There are some life lessons in the Netflix movie, Second Act.

In the story, Jennifer Lopez told a lie in her resume to get herself in the door.

Her street smarts get her the the job. For the opportunity of a lifetime, she'll be anyone except herself.

In the end, her lie caught up with her and she lost her job.

Some wise words from the movie.

"A relationship cannot be built on a lie."

"Every day you wake up and have a second chance to do whatever you want,

to be whoever you want. The only thing stopping you is you." ~

What this movie reminds me is that some companies insist you must have a degree to work with them, regardless of your expertise.

I once tried to apply for the job of a programmer in a prestigious company but the HR turned me down because I did not have a degree at that time (eventually, I did earned a degree).

I was very good at coding because it was my obsession.

I believe that when God opens doors, no one can shut it. And if he shuts the door, no one can open it.

God is in full control. He will open or close the door of opportunity as He sees fit.

I believe in miracles because that door which the HR shut, God open it for me and nobody could shut it.

I think it was the first time in their history when they made an exception.

Here is my story.

I was very passionate about coding and the programming language was Turbo Pascal. The product was Delphi from Borland.

After work, I would write programs for fun. I read every book on Delphi.

One day my colleague told me there was a job opening at that prestigious company that rejected me cos I did not have a degree.

I submitted my resume with a testimonial from a high-ranking officer cos I wrote a program for him.

Later I discovered that the dept director's wife was someone I knew cos she was a member of my lunch prayer-group in my old workplace.

What happened was that the dept need to roll out the program urgently. But the programmer was on honeymoon. They need an urgent replacement to continue the work. That's how I got into the job. I was thrown into the deep sea. But I was able perform from Day 1.

During the dept briefing, when it was announced that I would be deployed to a certain office, everybody shake their heads in pity for me.

They wish me "Good luck' in a sarcastic tone. It smells trouble for me. Seems like nobody like my new boss.

Later I found out that my new boss is a loner who liked to do his work alone and he does not supervise his team members.

This fits me to a T cos I am capable of working independently with minimal supervision.

I was probably the first employee to work in that company as a software engineer without a degree.

If God can open the red sea, if David can defeat Goliath, if some people are miraculously healed of cancer, anything is possible.

We don't have to know how.

I believe in miracles. Do you?