What not to post on social media

It can cost you your future job and reputation.

Social media is not the right place to rant because it can cost you your future job and reputation.

Before your potential employer employs you or potential investor or business partner want to work with you, they will check your social media profile and posts.

What should you NOT post?


* that you were fired from your previous job

* that you have a health problem

* that you have a court case.

If you do, you have a lot of explanation to do.

Moreover, the first impression will be a negative. This is not in your favour.

Do not rant about specific people, company or organisation because they can sue you for defamation.

If you want to rant, set the FB post to 'me' only. Or rant it offline among your closed friends.

You can create a secret Facebook group where you are the only member. You can rant whatever you want inside your own FB group where only you can see it.

You can rant it to your diary. There is a free online diary you can use at penzu.com.