What will be sharing

My life experience.

Now that I will be regularly posting about entrepreneurship at https://www.facebook.com/groups/entrepreneurssuccesssecrets, what will I be sharing at “Coffee with Sam Choo’ ?

It will be a casual chit chat where I share from my 61 years of life experience about things that you don’t learn in school. It can be about my observation of people, about history and the future. About happiness, success and meaning in life. About self-mastery to success. About what matters. About what’s happening in the world today. About how to survive and thrive in this chaotic world. About what I learn from teachers. I will tell you stories and life lessons.

Usually I tell the public what I will be sharing the next day. If you miss it, you can read the past posts in the archive at https://samchoo.substack.com/archive

I love to chit chat with you at https://m.me/samchooks anytime. Just drop by anytime and say hello to me.